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with Jill Ann 


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EFT therapy NOW being offered!  Set up your apt today!





"Life is to be enjoyed.  Time is precious and being happy is most important"



After working for over 16 years in the schools as a certified teacher and licensed professional adolescent behavioral specialist, I have now decided to start my own private practice helping parents get to the root of their childs behaviors.  Helping parents and caretakers navigate a relationship with their children that is assertive, meaningful and loving; while giving everyone the tools they need to be successful with in the family until and in the real world. 


If you feel that you are ready to book your FREE 30min consult with me, at the bottom of the page you can fill out the form or send me an email at to get started.  My plans are for you and your family to obtain results in reasonable amount of time.  My job is to teach you how to work through obstacles, barriers and emotions!




A custom session to help you let go of long-held beliefs that are preventing you from living the life you know you’re capable of having. This can typically be resolved in 2 - 8 sessions, depending on your desired results.

Private Coaching 

A private session to help you resolve your issues and move forward in your life.  Remove limiting belief, uncover your potential and so much more. 

Behavioral Therapy Services for you and your family.  Set up your apt. today!


1 Month 

Are you stuck in a  rut and need a fresh perspective? Have you already made changes, but now your stuck not seeing results? You might just need a little help to navigate your way through the obstacles and barriers to reach your families goals!


The One-Month Wellness Re-Route includes:

  • An initial 60-minute health assessment
  • One 30-minute follow-up
  • Additional support via email, text and Facebook


3 Months 


Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you want to start some lifelong healthier habits…and get them to stick? Are you ready to get off the vicious cycle and learn to parent intuitively? Let’s take a voyage!


The Three-Month Wellness Voyage includes:

  • Initial 60-minute phone assessment
  • Four 30-minute phone follow-ups
  • Additional support via email, text and Facebook


6 Months


Are you super-committed to creating a healthier lifestyle and want all the support, motivation and individualized tools you need to for you and your family? Then let’s optimize your journey toward maximum wellness!


The Six-Month Wellness Journey  includes:

  • An initial 60-minute phone assessment
  • Eight  30-minute phone follow-ups
  • Additional support via email, text and Facebook


The Secret To Sustainable Memory, Metabolism & Energy

Learn More and Change your Life







Ms. Jill Ann







Ms. Jill Ann started her personal business in 2015

She has gained a wonderful reputation from the very beginning of her career. Her clients have complete confidence in her care and devotion.





Jill Ann


Phone: 484-403-0790




Please feel free to contact me

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